Tradition and Innovation.

TTradizionewo words that sum up well the characteristics of LUCATO Termica srl, a handicraft company founded in 1980, but with experience in the field of boilers and steam plant that dates from 1958, when the founder, Lucato Antonio, started this business.

The tradition of the old boiler-makers, with their “niche” know-how for the repair of steam locomotives and the construction of the copper stills, is combined with the offer of advanced services, such as non destructive tests in the industrial and railway fields.



Eclectic and versatile company

LUCATO Termica srl, eclectic and versatile company, is able to offer its customers a complete service for residential and industrial construction.

The activities carried out by our company include:

  • Heat central stations powered with hot water, diathermic oil and steam;
  • Maintenance and repair of steam generators and pressure vessels;
  • Hot water, cold water, overheated water, compressed air, steam and diathermic oil supply networks
  • Construction and repair of heat exchangers
  • Construction of pressure equipment with the EC mark according to PED
  • Non destructive testing (NDT)
  • Industrial water analysis service
  • Construction of copper stills for distillery
  • Supply of components for steam networks
  • Revision of safety valves for steam and compressed air, with bench calibration
  • Revision and repair of steam locomotives




All works are carried out by specialized personnel, such as:

  • qualified welders according to EN287-1:2004;
  • qualified personnel according to ISO 9712 and extension to maintenance of railway for non-destructive testing methods as  PT (penetrant), MT (magnetic particle), UT (ultrasound), VT (visual direct or indirect control with industrial video endoscope);
  • staff with ENEA qualification to check heating systems;
  • in-house designers for the calculation and design of the facilities.

Passione Locomotive


In the tradition of the boilermakers, LUCATO Termica srl is one of the few companies in Europe able to carry out repairs and restoration of steam locomotives.

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Main activities

  • steam, diathermic oil, hot water plants-
    repair of steam generators;
  • construction and repair of heat exchangers
  • responsible third party for thermal plants
  • NDT and industrial video endoscope service
  • construction and repair of copper stills for distillery
  • repair of steam locomotives
  • supply of components for steam networks
  • After-sale service for MINGAZZINI industrial boilers